Creating significant value in a portfolio company generally takes several years. The first step is to determine the optimum timing and structure for executing an investment. The strength of the company and the effectiveness of its management are central concerns in this decision. When executing a transaction, SKY works closely with the company’s management, playing an active role in the strategic guidance of the company and in the operational and financial implementation of this strategy. Finally, we seek potential exit alternatives in order to realize the value we have created.

We offer our portfolio companies the following advantages:

  • Proven management skills - with years of transactional, financial and operating success.
  • Partnership - SKY’s track record and reputation as an excellent professional partner, have made us a partner of choice for management teams, and enables us to ensure management’s and shareholders’ interests are aligned.
  • Extensive experience - in M&A and other challenging situations across a broad range of industries.
  • Thorough understanding of local market dynamics - enable long term success in domestic oriented companies.